Dependable Strengths

Report on the Dependable Strengths of David Marriott


Excels at building spreadsheet models that solve business problems. Thrives in an environment where it is possible to challenge the status quo and seek improvements in processes. Happy to pass on knowledge when the opportunity arises and can translate finance to non financial staff. Thrives at implementing new technology especially finance systems and web technologies.


Built reporting models that were business critical for the employing company. These were for both internal and external reporting and included Cable Subscriber Stats, Content Partner Reporting, Web Reporting from ERP systems.

Asks why? Looks to gain a full understanding of situations. I not a “yes” man. Understanding how things should work helps the innovation process.

Has run “Finance for non financial Managers” courses both at university and in business.

Implemented accounting systems in several organisations, ensuring that the outputs were fit for purpose.

Embraced web technology very early, managing intranets in the late 1990s. Has had personal website for 8 years. Has worked with Search Engines in running paid search campaigns
and understand how search engines work and rank sites.


12 years experience in senior finance roles


Bachelor in Agricultural Science
Masters in Business Administration